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This is us, the authors of works presented in this book, accompanied by Homer, Elza and Odys.
   We are graduates of Warsaw Fine Arts Academy professing in painting, drawing and graphics dedicated mainly to dogs. We're also engaged in raising German Sheperd Dogs. It was our dogs who were our first models, they also got us interested in cynology itself: we started learning about other breeds, exhibitions, raisings. As a consequence a collection of dog breed drawing had been started. We try to immortalize those of unquestionable beauty, fulfilling stipulations of the actual standard. Actual because the process of breed formation is still going on (although not always in the right direction) and those consolidated on our drawings will not satisfy the breeders in the future.
A dog is a gift of nature, but also of sensible raising that forms his look and charakter. Therefore he's living work of art, a figure of our culture that deserves care and reflection here and now. And that's exactly what gives sense to our art.

Joanna and Lesław Kost