Portrety psów (Dog Portraits) includes 60 full-page reproductions of our drawings, profiles of the dogs and bilingual (Polish-English)descriptions of all portrayed breeds written in a light and interesting way by Adam Janowski and are an indoubtable value of the album. Framed in a hard cover, printed on 128 pages, an ecru-coloured paper (25/17,5 cm), it makes a great gift. The edition is limited.
       To all who are interested in purchasing the album this way, we propose our handwritten signature on each copy and an agreed short dedication, if requested.

The price of one issue - 10€ +5€ shipping cost.

Portrety psów rasowych (Portraits of dog breeds) - another album with our pictures. It's a continuationas well as the first volume of a new series, including: larger format (32/24 cm!). Hard cover and better paper quality - in short, the prints will be closer to the pencil originals.This is a unique edition and in smaller collector's circulation with text in both Polish and English.
       The album is provided with our handwritten signature and an agreed dedication if you request it.

The price of one issue - 15€ + 10€shipping cost.

Format A4 - 10€, A3 - 12€ +3€ shipping cost.
Each drawing is copied directly from the original and provided with our handwritten signature. Furthermore it is framed in passe-partout and protected from damp and light with a mat laminate with UV filter.


Format A3 - 80€ +10€ shipping cost.
We base our drawings on provided good quality photographs. If it's technically possible we prefer to take the photos ourselves. The price of the photo is included in the drawing price.


The prices depend on the customer's request and are about 150€ - 500€; we do oil paintings in any format and on any surface.

mobile phone: +48 692 907 147
Joanna and Lesław Kost,
ul. Homera 15a,
04-624 Warszawa, Poland
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